Practical IDL Programming

by Liam E. Gumley

"On behalf of Research Systems Incorporated and the community of IDL users and programmers, I would like to thank Liam Gumley for writing this valuable and long overdue book. Practical IDL Programming serves as a useful tutorial, source of examples, and reference for those wishing to learn or to master IDL. It gives me great pleasure to recommend this book to you."
From the Foreword by David Stern, inventor of IDL and founder of Research Systems Incorporated

"Precisely the book I wished to have available when I first learned IDL."
Martin Schultz, Max Planck Institut fuer Meteorologie

"A well presented explanation of the practical application of IDL."
Paul van Delst, University of Wisconsin-Madison

508 pages, Paperback, ISBN 1558607005, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers

Practical IDL Programming is a guide to procedural programming in Interactive Data Language, a widely used environment for scientific data analysis and visualization.

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Note for college students: The IDL Student Edition is now available for Windows, Linux, and OS X, and is priced at $89 in North America and $99 elsewhere (including shipping). See the IDL Student Edition website for more information.

Liam Gumley